Customers informs about the five most-wanted car models in the last few months demand has grown significantly for small and compact cars thanks to the cash for clunkers. Even so much so that some manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, supply problems had. This is also in the searches of the vehicle stock exchange of three VW models can be found in the five highest ranking places. On the first place, the stag VW ended up Golf with 6.4 percent of all evaluated searches. With 3.5 percent, the Audi A4 took second place of Web search.

Close a VW is followed in turn model, namely the Passat with 3.0 percent. On the last place can be found with 2.7 percent of the Opel Astra to search queries. However, the VW could Polo with 2.3 percent, fifth and last place of the rankings back up. In addition, the Internet portal has determined that consumers are looking for brands and models separately. While some would already know what model they want, others would give the brand simply and settled by the results surprise.