Communication Dysfunction and Politics

As we have politicians of the past, we also communicators stars “of the past. Just as we have people practicing Stalinism and calling party disciplinary tribunals, we can find vendettas dysfunctional in terms of information. Read newspapers before the microphone is the most you arrive and yet society keeps an estimated astounding. If you stop to look at the perceived located in another time, in one of the past, a trachea has nothing to do with the Venezuelan reality today. If one touches a bit not find anything, unless the screen where it is easier to perceive the emptiness. Just as politics goes missing links in the remains of the assumption of “stardom information” resembles the tattered curtain of an old theater where the play to present does not reflect anything other than the intimacies advertising sponsors. It is “living it” and something we all have to live, of course, but in the field of information is a delicate area which is the product outermost announced as protagonist and essence of the task to be fulfilled. From the style of velvety voice or hysterical voice information is carried as a dysfunction, not as the primary task.

In the performance information clearly perceived disarray in the operation, a qualitative alteration of its function, a spatiotemporal inadequacies. It continues to exercise so that you hear or see and feel the break, the separation between what is emitted and the times. Go to neil for more information. The voice is there trying unidirectional audience and getting it in a public amorphous in the absence of other icons is assumed as a kind of representation of a dream finish. It is a voice from the past, in content and form, which the company deferred assumed what might be called “pop comunication. I have not shown an idol. I have not a TV star emerges. Communication dysfunction has been taking place, now the image that lends itself attention to this image is altered, this new “facilitator” who does the morning show or occupies the time of the elderly in the afternoon.

A gentle observation is taken as the way forward. Or the apparent harshness of a sentence is repetitive, but simulated punch, subliminal message is assumed that fill the heads of a society in disarray. All is appearance. The information to fill out a product with the format. The media is throwing a “star” in its stead. Sail over the waves with peacefulness and relaxation. Consumers believe find answers, make or Beyoncea Creole Lady Gaga, the new lights pop on a network without content, without substance, without awareness. The “preferred guests” (analysts, pollsters, political party, people repeating what they want to hear them) up the format, do their share of policy microphone, display and adjust. Always the same because they have introjected the script. There are a number of criteria in a country where Two prisoners are minorities. The vast majority of the country does not agree there because they fit the needs of the producer of the outdated linear expression. The majority country does not square with communication dysfunction. The term multiple break this static one-way process, would prevent “live” than the master of fire power in their supply chains and everyday discourse. Seek the breaking of that detestable word called “polarization” lead face to face with an innovative challenge that would leave the script shattered. Essayist, novelist, poet, poetry translator, lawyer, diplomat. Author of more than 30 books