This action spiritual backwards being able to pray right. It is arisen again in the presence of God with jejum and is intent for the danger that the enemy insists on threatening on them. ' ' set Jeosaf in foot in the congregation of Jud and Jerusalem, in the house Mr., ahead of the patio novo.' ' 2 Chronicles 20:5 It does not have who can resist the God. It makes different in its next particular conjunct, starts its next conjunct with a louvor the God, standes out Its largeness and sanctity acting in its life. ' ' If some badly sobrevier in them, sword, judgment, plague, or hunger, us we will ahead present in them of this house and ahead of you, therefore your name is in this house, and will clamaremos you in our anguish, and you in will hear and livrars.&#039 to them; ' 2 Chronicles 20:9 After that, it says the Biblical promises that God already opened to it. The Name of God already is in our house and us! Clame to the Creator in the hour of the anguish and will hear you to God it will exempt and you. In sequence, shows the facts are afflicting that it, examples: unemployment or a misfortune with the family. this interesting as well. More information is housed here: jim halpert.

' ' Ah! our God, porventura you will not judge them? Because in us it does not have force before this great multitude that comes against us, and we do not know what we will make; however our eyes are ranks in ti.' ' 2 Chronicles 20:12 It places its eyes intently for what God goes to speak to it and not more in the problem. The God has asked for who judges its cause, that you already placed in conjunct. ' ' all the Jud was in foot before Mr., as well as its children, its women, and its filhos.' ' 2 Chronicles 20:13 A good conjunct helps very, the whole world is positively infected, it places everybody in foot! Glories the God therefore! Aleluia! To know to pray is summarized in our ability in placing the case that ahead afflicts in them of God.