Bodyguard On 4 Paws

Action: protection dog training with guarantee unique in Austria: protection dog training with guaranteed free use copyright Dog Centre Dutch 2008 robberies and burglaries on company premises and private homes in the dark season steadily increasing. A professionally trained protection dog offers the optimal complement to technical and electronic alarm devices. Dog trainer Seppi Niederl follows this theme and trained guard dogs for all needs in his dog Center in the Styrian Gosdorf on a professional basis. The guarantee of success that is offered is unique. Is a household or premises broken into, that is guarded by a dog trained with us, we accept the home insurance of the affected family for a whole year”, promises the professional who is convinced of the quality of its training. Bodyguard on 4 paws free usage copyright dog Center Niederl 2008 the properties of a protection dog: he guarded grounds and buildings, protected persons and Items of value. He takes no food from strangers and from weapons and shots isn’t afraid.

On command, he searched rooms and outdoor area for strangers and frighten intruders with loud barking. How to set and access by an attacker with immediate release by call sign also belongs to the Repertoire of a professional security guard dog. The training takes place but always individually tailored to the owner matched. The certainty that the dog can be no burglar in the House and also defended the family at risk ranges many families. To guard the dog however a premises, requiring more complex tasks”, so Dutch. On demand takes training therefore also between a few weeks and up to two years.

Professional training for dog and man free usage copyright dog Center Niederl 2008 no wonder just this training takes place at the highest level. A wrong or poorly trained dog can representing a danger for its owners and other people”is Dutch of responsibility aware. A essential criterion is the right choice of the dog. Not every dog is suited for Schutzhund training. Also the character of the dog especially at the family protection dog must so be, that he remains a friendly companion in the family and a considerate, tolerant Playmate of children despite his special training”, the dog trainer explains further. In the training of dogs, Niederl pursues a clear concept: suitability for everyday use. We confront the dog in training with all situations that might later come to him. In dogs that are trained only on the square, always the risk that they fail in everyday life “, the professional know. Nagaraj makes high demands not only on the dogs, but also to the future owners. Our people are trained. I am a dog, without to make sure that the owner can also optimally deal with him”, he assures. Practically designed are the loyal family companions and the financial benefits of family protection dog of course loyal companion of the family and can be made but also in company tax claims. Furthermore most insurance companies provide generous discounts on home and theft premiums. While far exceed the damage falls mostly on the cost and keeping a dog.