Birth Of A Love

Birth of a love when left to enter our mind receives words of love excited. It happens as with sweet children is the lack of a delicate caress. Danny Meyer gathered all the information. If you shout or listen, love, love, love your body awake a feeling opens desire, an illusion and until a dream not being who must, is heard far away although it marks and rubs you a whisper, a whisper and why not say, until a snap. In solitude always hit the same wall where one expects lively, splitting however this grows every day high still stumbling it with his toughness and only a few days, in small moments the brightness of its interior you can see hear its sweet and flashy sounds that when closing the eyes felt a fresh stream that flooded me and calms the thirst that I feel. I reflect, turning to continue another path in any way to always return hago lo tucked in a maze of desires and passions that are transformed into clouds of dreams, of beautiful and multiple colors. Hear other arguments on the topic with Fabrizio Freda.

Until it came to an unfailing decision no longer more! Turning to sigh them again and take a determination of what to do. If my love cannot reach you, if yet you can change your path, if I can’t blow with all the force of my lungs so you feel company of my friend if I give your love to satiate me, I offer you mine to make whole madness us both happy without respite, with fear among wishes with your dream and mine pleased I am sending while a huga kiss and to make me feel, also my hand if this trip does not allow me to enter, you can imagine and thereby sacio desire of my love. Yours. Samuel Akinin Levy Nacimiento of a love when left to enter our mind receives words of love excited.