Still the face has the wood face to say that the rational is more cautious than the emotional one, this yes that it is a fallacy. Good we go to leave this possessor of the truth for another day of the site anti-faith, and we go to try to think with the mind opened without very arresting themselves in beliefs and having proper reasoning. A philosopher said Joseph de Maistre: ' ' Nobody affirms: God not existe' without before having desired that It not exista' '. This is to think itself, therefore to take an argument my conviniencia is easy, to open the mind to think already is difficult there. I want to break of the contradiction of the atheists in relation science, therefore pra me religious fanatic ridicule has the same capacity of if bitolar and ruining all the truth on God as one atheists has to ruin all truth of science. Please visit Hudson River if you seek more information. Therefore, when if the tests of the existence of God for somebody, if it does not have to forget that the biggest force to be successful is not of the arguments of the atheists, and yes the desire of them of that God does not exist. It will not advance to give tests who does not want to accept its conclusion. In all in case that, the tests of Aristotle and of Are Toms regarding the existence of God they have such brightness and such force that they convince any one that has a minimum of good will and straightness intelectual.' ' We go to see the problems of this, it are the evaluation of it on the video of the sugar cane Anti-faith, this is a personal evaluation of it then I do not go to contest this n. First it speaks on having lived deeply some atheists arguemntando on the test of not the existence of the Biblical god: ' ' I come in general observing the arguments of the atheists on the test of the existence of God, better saying not the existence of God, basically they are become attached to the described God in the bible, that is, the God criador.' ' First we do not present argument some, therefore we do not carry through no affirmation in disculoes and yes we charge you evidence, evidences, sources, bases, etc so that let us can not only believe the god who is brought in them with apelos fallacies and, as to be able TO KNOW that such being exists, or arrived to exist some day.