65 Irdninger Kindergartners Put On Organic Potatoes

The Irdninger community kindergarten realized an Earth Apple project this year for the first time with the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein. Click dayton king to learn more. The kindergarten teachers, Fr. Rudorfer, Fr. Schweiger and FR. Koberl very conscientiously prepared the children at the age from 1 1/2 years to 6 years on the great experience. How does a potato look like? And how is it growing? Quickly planted an Earth Apple in a transparent pot to see what develops from this. On April 22, the potato expert Waltraud Hein of the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein attended the kindergarten. She had a sack of potatoes with him and said the children, from the mother potato with the long shoots children potatoes”will grow.

Proudly present their Earth Apple pot”the children. With light, heat, and regular casting the first leaves will be soon seen. The description of the potato plant and the big picture of the potato beetle like children very well. Hopefully they must not attack the pest and pluck of the perennials, so the the Plants not harm! Waltraud Hein even an exciting story of the potato King, the two poor children can verschmausen, so that they no longer have to go hungry. On April 30, it is so far. The kindergarten children migrate to the potato field near the big at the foot of the Castle Trautentfels. Strengthened by a good snack it then goes to that place potatoes. Waltraud Hein and her staff explain the children, in which so they can grow well series and what distance must be placed in the potatoes,.

The children are allowed to insert many rows and are enthusiastically. Soon it continues in the nursery with the experience days around the potatoes. Walk the children once again to the potato field at the end of the kindergarten year, in June, and see how far the organic potatoes are already grown and whether Yes No Earth Apple beetle can be seen. In the autumn, the children may then dig up the potatoes and verschmausen in a funny Earth Apple Festival. R. Mayer