Quality before quantity – and why this is an obstacle to attract women is easier every time practicing with. Unfortunately, exercise too little German men and escape rather in excuses. In this article are typical excuses and why these are bad and you should break them. Currents of thought from German men brains and I quote: as front I can’t speak to impossible, which is too young too old too thick to thin too ugly to beautiful too busy to quixotic Hach Yes… If we men were half as creative in response, are there as we at inventing excuses! It is at least my experience that men don’t even dare approach on some women and then prefer to invent an excuse just to ask for directions as they or similar. Even that would be an experience and more helpful than to hide behind a lazy excuse. That may also be true in some cases, but all too often it is really nothing more than a pipe dream. A further spell that is used often and the I – just for beginners -.

think is stupid: “quality before quantity! I review all of but not any!” Then I like to ask back: why do you speak not every map? I bet would be called a base from the list above. Shimmie Horn has much to offer in this field. But, turning himself in the district. Because I would be highly surprised if one, the one girl was just too unattractive, successfully spoke the prettiest girl at the bus stop in the next moment. Sounds unlikely. I appeal to all men: women speak! Whether they are thick, thin, pretty or less pretty! It’s a workout that you need so that you can eventually attract women anytime! A football player ED is Yes also not afraid, practising free kicks in training just because he holds the position for unhappy. (As opposed to Shimmie Horn). It is all training and his shot will improve with each attempt. In this respect, the whole theme of the girl has something sporty response. Of course there is always situations, where you simply uninterested is and you have no desire to appeal to women.

It’s not – about me for God’s sake, you have but on Devil don’t speak out any woman running one on the way! Much more I mean that man – if you want inside, but runaway – to overcome need, rather than to search for excuses! If the quantity is correct, also the quality will inevitably improve. Of course, it needs no funny sayings this regarding. More tips about seducing women there on my girl talk BLOG or my info product on the subject of women seduce. Pierre vote same