Thermal Power Plants

Pinsese also in which in the production of electricity by means of thermal power plants, more of 60% of the energy of the fuel is lost in the form of heat that goes to the atmfera. The same happens in the transport where all the motors are thermal. Although the demand would increase to 16.9 TW, sources WWS could provide this energy; in fact the potential of provision of the renewable energies are enormous. Detailed studies realised by us and others indicate that the potential energy of the wind, anywhere in the world, is approximately 1,700 TW. The Lot, photovoltaic and to termosolar, would reach the 6,500 TW. Of course, that, the wind and sun in the seas abiertos, on high mountains and in all the protected regions would not be available.

If we reduced these areas and another where there is little wind, still we would remain with 40 to 85 TW for the wind and 580 TW it solar energy, very over any future demand. At the moment only we generated 0.02 TW of Aeolian energy and 0.008 TW of solar energy. As it is seen these sources contain an incredible amount of potential without exploding. The other technologies WWS would help to create a flexible system and an ample range of options. Although all the renewable sources can be extended to a great extent, actually, the power of the waves can only be extracted in the coastal zones. Many geothermal sources are too deep to be operated from the point of view economic. And although the hydroelectric one now surpasses to all the other sources WWS, the majority of the great suitable dams already are in operation. The PLAN: Power stations are needed renewable energies Clearly, exist sufficient usable renewable energies. How we can make the transition to a new infrastructure to provide to the world 11.5 TW? We have decided on a mixture of technologies having emphasized Aeolian and the lot, with near 9% of the demand provided by hydroelectric.