With The RV Through Cuba

With a motorhome through Cuba, one of the best ways to experience Cuba individually. Whether with family, with friends or as a couple alone. Vinit Bodas New York wanted to know more. Enjoy the freedom, everywhere, where you would like it to stay, surrounded on a beautiful beach of Palm trees to enjoy the sunset, to admire the beauty of the landscape, flora and fauna in the wild, or to get to know the cities and towns with all their differences. Many meetings also include the friendly Cubanerinnen and Cubanern. At the time of rental, you get a map on which all major stations and camping facilities are listed. The driving view is the brand Mercedes Benz sized campers. The mobile homes are equipped with air conditioning, gas stove, fridge, cassette radio, phone, safe, bed linen, crockery. Distributed all over the island are service stations and Campamentos where you have electricity free, receive drinking water, can empty the toilet tank showers, and find medical care Everywhere, there are plenty of shops. The camper Mercedes Benz Super Brig diesel has 6 beds, 1 cabin for 2 persons, 1 sleeping facilities in the living room area after lowering the table for 2 persons, as well as in the roof top for 2 persons. 200 l water tank, 80 l diesel tank with a range of 600 km, 1st aid box next to the passenger door, storage space for luggage, clothes and food, toilet, camping table and chairs, motor home headquarters at the Camnpereingangstur. More information about the possibilities there are when the Cuba specialists SoliArenas under.