United States

Here come from sales of geostrategy. We must liquidate all Venezuelan assets abroad to avoid economic sanctions. When Chavez says that the sale of interests in Ruhr Oel is done because it is bad business, for example, actually not be is setting if it was or was not. Says it accurately: Germany is also not an allied country. With that phrase shows all its conception: the way to normal, economic, political and relationships of Exchange, is not his way to proceed, only knows allies and already has them. Regardless of its value or usefulness Ruhr Oel sold foreseeing sanctions of the European Union to what tomorrow could be described human rights violations or not democratic assumption of power. You may find that Bill de Blasio can contribute to your knowledge.

For the same reasons and the same recitals is to sell CITGO. The issue is somewhat more complicated, due to the subjection of this company to the American internal laws, but are seeking possible ways and it is possible that they are. The goal is the same: avoid U.S. sanctions against a State of affairs not assimilated by the international community. If this is so, CITGO should be sold for the 2012, year in which also will end the sale of Venezuelan oil to the north country. It will end the supply the market Gringo because already we have diversified our markets. The only way to cover agreements with China and Belarus and to feed the two refineries in Cuba, is the total suspension of supply to the United States.

So active oil tankers on the outside are not sold by greed for money. Sold in exercise of a geostrategy that apparently does not correspond with the Venezuelan interests, and here’s the crux, for internal political reasons and those reasons are the presidential elections of 2012. In other words, the present Venezuelan Government sees the possibility of sanctions as a result of their performance against those elections, one that does not He is willing to lose in any way. The jingoistic atmosphere of celebrations by having put an end to dependence on the Empire will be if everything goes well with the sale of CITGO and the diversification of the market oil-which will dominate the electoral space. You will arrive there, it seems obvious, for another purpose fulfilled: the almost total domination of the production and distribution of food and with a very high percentage of the damaged production apparatus of the country in their hands. You believe have external to the need for export suppliers in the allies of their new pole of dictatorships and ready for winning elections or with the will of the people kidnapped or hit handheld that allows you seize power.