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After the second world war, the market for credit cards with the economic boom attracted strong. At this stage the American Express Bank expanded their previous business traveller’s cheques in 1958 the famous American Express card. Also 1958 came the carte blanche on the market, short on offers of Chase Manhattan and Bank of America followed. Many of the smaller banks failed in the next few years especially, that they were able to build a national network. Get more background information with materials from Danny Meyer. The Bank had greater success with your Bankamericard was published under license by many smaller banks in the entire United States of America. Quickly, a competing national network with the name of interbank was cards Association which the 1951 of the Franklin National Bank in New York marketed credit card introduced.

At the latest as these two major networks Bankamericard and interbank the late of 1960s began to send your cards by mail, all other smaller independent card issuers were forced to join in one of the two networks. The interbank card Consortium 1968 expanded its range enormously through a cooperation with the Banco Nacional in Mexico, as well as through the establishment of an Alliance in Europe from which later arose the Eurocard. The market in Europe has developed mainly in the UK. Americard tried his card in the United Kingdom by the buyout of the Barclays card spread. The timidity of the European banks to submit to the control of America was especially the Eurocard-merger of the interbank card group recovery. At the end of the 1970s and the early of 1980s the today famous most credit cards originated through two name changes. The Bankamericard became VISA card, which former MasterCharge became the MasterCard card by interbank. In the next few years was able to expand his customer base especially American Express, and thus to become the most successful credit card across America, which remained far back first-mover Diners Club. Mediaroo UG (haftungsbeschrankt)