Two And A Half Men

I think that the writers of the American television channel CBS know best recipe for an excellent comedy series. Every year, CBS broadcast the program appear more and more new comedy situations that force viewers laughter to tears, and channel owners rub their hands and assume income. The examples are not far to seek – which is just one episode, Two and a half men, which are long known to the audience the actors Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen. Sitcom tells the story of gay hussar hedonist with the manners of Charlie Harper, wasted all their time drinking and finding women for sex in one night. For even more details, read what Kingston Planners says on the issue. All it is suschestvovagie iron proof of the immutable truth that in this world there is no justice – in his spare time thinking up advertising tunes, he earned huge fees unfairly.

Nothing prevents him enjoy life as long as his home does not appear brother Alan, who was expelled from the house of her husband. Unlike Charlie, Alan can not boast of any success with women, nor light a prestigious job, or a successful family life – all the money from chiropractors, which he does, go to pocket ex-wife, the girls just laugh at him, but life has to start from scratch. NY Starbucks recognizes the significance of this. Together with Alan at the beach house Charlie brings its ten-year nephew Jake, are not very genius. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hudson River offers on the topic.. Despite the fact that routine Jake Charlie does not appear off him fully enough to turn the house with Charlie on its head. The viewer also will not be bored Charlie and Alan's mother, Evelyn, is not very loved by his children, housekeeper Bertha, wherein a luxurious sense of humor and keep climbing in the affairs of others, as well as mentally unstable neighbor Rose, chasing Charlie since he once slept with her. Thanks to the wonderful work the creators of this sitcom on TV screens there is another quality sitcom. If I were asked to choose the best comedy to date situations, I would not hesitate to choose two and a half man, having all the best components of a good sitcom – unexpected plot twists, clever irony of anyone familiar everyday situations, sparkling humor. In this series there is only one drawback – long bored voice laughing. This comedy series uses quite wildly popular in the U.S., but we do it little-known. However, sooner or later good series still reach our viewers – we will hope that this will happen with the sitcoms "Two and a Half Men."