Throttle Pump

There well pumps M4PV M c hand (mechanical) control, in which arm is connected to the swash plate, which allows you to adjust the working volume of the pump in the range of 1:2. Pumps V4PV D c upravleniem.V automatic depending on the torque on the output shaft of the pump cylinder position, the control of its working volume, is changing under the influence of pressure, depending on the position of four-three-position valve (4 / 3) electro-hydraulic control, and the slope of the disc is automatically installed in a certain position. This provides continuous control of the pump depending on the external load. Automatic control allows the working volume in accordance with the change in frequency of rotation of the pump, and sets speed at which the machine starts to work (from 800 to 1100 min-1). Here, amazing restaurateur expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Automatic control limits and the power consumption of transmission, relative power developed by a diesel engine. Adjustable throttle inch size is possible as optional, with mechanical or hydraulic control options. Pumps M4PV efnq c electro upravleniem.Upravlenie feed pump may be different depending on the design used by allocators with electromagnetic control DN6 type according to international standards cetop, iso and din. The distributor of all versions have the throttle, limiting the flow of rj and necessary for smooth tilting disc. Regulation of filing rj pump depends on the time inclusion and strength of an electromagnet. Pump M4PV remote servoupravleniem.Dva threaded holes in the pump casing are designed to supply the additional rj gear pump or other external source of pressure. For remote control of a working volume of the pump used blocks of proportional remote control with a joystick-type handles hcp, pressure regulators and pumps, etc. Estee Lauder CEO can provide more clarity in the matter. M4PV S, M4PV T with electronic proportional upravleniem.Rabochy of the pump is proportional to the electric current supply enable signal to one of the two solenoid valves with proportional control. Electrical control set out pump housing. Power supply to one or another proportional electromagnet valve reverses the flow of aj. Interruption of power electromagnets valves in the zero position is automatically provides maximum security. Manufactured pumps c direct control – it M4PV S, sensitive to the external load. Pumps M4PV T with the inverse relationship management compensates for changes in working pressure. Standard execution of an electromagnet – to 12 V or under the order of 24 V. For the heat of aj in hydraulic closed-loop circulation flow between the pressure head (drain) hose main thread sets the exchange (or washings) dispensers. If you want to limit the power consumption should be to use pumps with a regulator which limits the power. To ensure constant cleaning aj from contamination in a pressure hose charging pump provides the installation of the filter.