The Idiosyncrasy Of The Paraguayan

THE IDIOSYNCRASY of the PARAGUAYAN by David a. Galeano Olivera (**) 1. INTRODUCTION the dictionary defines the word idiosyncrasy as a way to be a person’s own, and adapting that expression to the title of this modest trial we could say that the idiosyncrasies of the Paraguayan, consists – therefore – in order to be the inhabitant of the Paraguay’s own description. In fact, all the Nations of the Earth have a way of being own their respective inhabitants. That way of being itself includes cultural models, such as language, music, proverbs, myths, legends, tales, beliefs and superstitions, games and pastimes, uses and customs, the popular festivities and patron, clothing, food and handicrafts, among others. Many are the authors that agree in pointing out a synonymy between idiosyncrasy and culture popular or folk; or idiosyncrasy and cultural identity. Of exposed, we can deduce that, definitely, there is a way of being itself the inhabitant of the Paraguay, and its analysis (e) interpretation worried several scholars, including Dr.

Helio Vera in his work in search of the lost bone (paraguayologia Treaty); Likewise, in his book the Paraguayan Monsignor Saro Vera a man outside his world; also, Dr. Miguel Angel Pangrazio in Arriero publication porte; Similarly, the Dr. Anibal Romero Sanabria in his essay more Paraguayan than cassava. Each of the above discussed trying to interpret the idiosincrancia of the Paraguayan, pointing out certain ways of being own that distinguish us as Paraguayans, of the inhabitants of the rest of the world. The four above-mentioned authors coincide that the virtues of the Paraguayan are, for example, courage, boldness, sense of humor, the power of observation, be suffered, be – according to the circumstances – nembotavy or tovaata; know how to use – always according to the convenience – the mbarete or arandu kaaty law; and finally, do not possess the notion of time and demonstrate from time to time.