The Heating

Okudzhava). B with the same we have for this? Fear limb of humanity, the horror despair, disbelief in anything spiritual crisis, the neglect of self and nature, etc., etc. Continue to learn more with: NYC Mayor. Fear! Constantly drills idea how many prerequisites to the Renaissance. After the crisis, always rise, this dialectic. Mass cultural revolution of insanity must survive. Time itself raises the bar for the heating of confrontation, he must comply or do something else.

Ways of art and public life does not always coincide, and not coincide more and more. Technological civilization of the masses and man-made creation a few, the executioner and the victim that they have in common? Maybe only one person here and there a man, so hope for understanding and mutual cooperation on an equal footing remains. Two opposite poles give rise to the energy of life. Energy product makes it possible to judge the fullness of the possibilities of the artist, the power of his talent, focus creativity, newfound discoveries. In contrast to the usual paintings, built on the fragmentation of color, most quickened movement of warm and cold tones, romantic painting is somewhat different. Smear that, though the full As the color load, it is more local, since it is also the main element of design work, approaching the sculpture and architecture. Crush it does not allow the idea of a painting. Too soon, it looks like a mural than to the usual easel painting, though there is a big difference.

The mural is the unity of the planes, romantic painting unity, for the most part, local strokes where each stroke carries the "information" about the whole picture, author's method and style of work. Painting of the Romantic movement today, in my opinion a painting for itself and in itself, embodied the dream of an ideal. She does not care about the momentary and instantaneous. "Stop, moment, you're fine, "it was not for her, rather.