The Fight Against Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects which are characterized above all by feeding on blood. They are, therefore, parasitic animals. There are almost a hundred different species of bedbugs, and most feed on the blood of birds and bats. But one species in particular, Cimex Lectularius, prefers a man as source of food and for this reason is known as the Bedbug of the beds. The majority of the countries of what is known as a world first, thanks to their advanced hygienic habits, had virtually eradicated pests of bedbugs. But in recent times, several factors have reactivated their presence in these countries.

Firstly we have climate change. t this. Because of him, has been a general rise of the temperatures, which provides a more friendly ecosystem for bed bugs favouring, in turn, their proliferation. In addition, the phenomenon of migration of millions of people in the third world to first world countries, has also favored the reappearance of plague of bedbugs in the latter. The countries of origin of these migrants did not have eradicated, nor much less, plagues of bugs, so they traveled with them, in their luggage, and ended up settling in countries of destination. It is time, therefore, restarting a fight that had been abandoned many years ago. We must begin by its detection, and in this sense, must be taken into account that bed bugs like to feed during the night of the bodies of humans peacefully sleeping in their beds. It is not surprising, therefore, that their living environment the soleplate found in the proximity of the beds, and hence its name.

It has already been said that he prefers to feed at night, so often kept hidden in cracks and crevices during the day. It is often found around seams and buttons of the mattresses in the bed base or any cracks in the bed structure. If this structure is made of wood, most likely will be encountered bedbugs in it. It is easy to detect the presence of these insects in these places by dots of Brown leaving their dried excrement. The maintenance of good conditions of hygiene is essential in the fight against the presence of these insects. At Jo Natauri you will find additional information. It must be thoroughly cleaned the bedrooms, and vacuum mattresses and bedding structures. In turn, bedding must be washed at high temperatures. Original author and source of the article