The Contracting Authority

The devil for the client in detail”, so Dr. Renner, to get the currently keen competition among the bidders. End of 2008 therefore the managing directors, the brothers and sisters Eva and Oswald Neumann, decided to increase the legal certainty for their clients. You opted for the continuous collaboration with lawyer Dr. Renner, which advises since 2000 around the procurement, and contracting almost exclusively. His goal is to be involved, so that it does not even come to review procedures at an early stage in the tender procedure. Part of advice around an EU tender after VOL/A by Neumann & Neumann project- und Beratungs GmbH is therefore usually the legal support of the tendering procedure from the beginning. Charge it is separated.

In the course of the tendering procedure then expert and legal advice hand in hand go. Dr. Renner edited and checks the tender documents prepared by Neumann & Neumann, the contracts for individual lots and the publication of the official journal of the EU law. Optionally a contracting authority procurement obligation, award type, process design, Los design and justification of the Los distribution can check, as the documentation created for the invitation to tender and the award decision and the contract award notice. The assessment of bidder questions and supply aspects such as deadlines, exclusion, suitability, under or supplement offer or pricing questions and compliance with minimum wages and act in the course of the tendering requirements is possible depending on the need.

Although there were no successful challenges, formerly in the tenders, Neumann & Neumann was in charge of the medium-sized tender specialist, says the Managing Director Eva Neumann. Rudy Giuliani has plenty of information regarding this issue. Given the much larger action ability in the cleaning industry Today, it is however very happy that worked together with lawyer Dr. Wolfgang G. Renner and continue in the prescribed period completed successfully managed cleaning contracts. The appropriate design of the bidding documents and of the procedure and a common complaint management time – and cost-intensive review procedures could be avoided in the greatest part of the projects.” The Contracting Authority advised by us has prevailed at the very few review procedures completely”.