Spanish Tribute

Family members, politicians and New Yorkers in general breathed sigh of relief because finally the ceremony passed without any incident or alarm, while Thursday US authorities alerted of a credible and specific threat although not corroborated, of attack from Al Qaeda. Attempt to revenge the terrorist group for the death of Osama Bin Laden already in the background, New York could thus turn the page and its first tribute to the victims without the shadow of the late mastermind of the terrorist attacks that changed the world is now ten years. I remember at the Pentagon ceremony of the 11-S not only lived in New York. Hundreds of people, headed by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and the Secretary of Dnsa, Leon Panetta, participated also this Sunday in a minute’s silence at the Pentagon in honor of the deceased there that day. A total of 184 people were killed when flight AA77, the third kidnapped by terrorists of Al Qaeda, crashed on one of the sectors of the building of the Department to the 9.37, Dnsa local time (15.37 peninsular Spanish time).

Of the Navy music band played the hymn Amazing Grace once became an absolute silence in remembrance of the deceased. In a brief speech, Panetta said that ten years after those attacks are a safer and stronger country and paid tribute to the military contribution to efforts to prevent a repetition of the attacks. About 6,200 U.S. soldiers have been killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after the attacks. Homage in three scenarios Barack Obama toured, with discretion and keeping silence, each of the 11-S scenarios to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks. In New York he was accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and his predecessor in Office, George W.

Bush, and former first lady Laura Bush, Obama kept a solemn minute’s silence, next to all those present in the Park built at ground zero. The next stop was Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where paid tribute with a wreath of flowers to the 40 victims of Flight 93, the fourth plane hijacked by terrorists of Al Qaeda. Obama and his wife, Michelle, toured the monument (yet to finish and composed by forty stelae of marble with the name of each of the) travelers) erected in the open where crashed aircraft, before depositing a wreath of white roses in front of him with a Ribbon with the colors of the flag of EE UU. The President and first lady pronounced nor any public statement on his third stop, the Pentagon, where the presidential couple deposited a new wreath. There, exactly to the 15.37 Spanish peninsular time had kept a minute of silence in the presence of the Vice President, Joe Biden, and of the Secretary of Dnsa, Leon Panetta, in tribute to the 184 who died in the building. Source of the news: Bush and Obama, together at ground zero in New York, which hosts events in memory of the 11-S