Siemens Enterprise Communications

A convenient and secure solution that enables it, forgotten”to just reset passwords by biometric speaker authentication, provides the VOICE.TRUST technology. Munich, January 15, 2008 are spoken word pairs, from which the system of everyone can clearly verify basis for user-friendly and highly secure authentication. In addition to the high user friendliness and security helps the system to reduce help desk costs, significantly reducing the number of help desk requests through the use of biometric speaker verification. NYC Marathon has much to offer in this field. With more than 1.5 million international licenses that are used in the financial services, insurance, automotive, and the health care industry, the company is world market leader in the field of biometric Sprecheridentifikations-and authentication systems. Joint development of new services VOICE.TRUSTs know-how in the field of biometric Sprecherauthentifzierungs solutions complement ideally with Siemens expertise in security solutions, hosted services, as well as in the financial sector. The cooperation opens up new possibilities, as speaker authentication in the future successful can be used in the financial and telecommunications industries”, explains Michael Kramer, CEO and founder of the VOICE.TRUST AG.

Siemens Enterprise Communications will start at the beginning of the first quarter 2008, to bind its employees on the new biometric password reset system. While the solution as a manageable global voice service should be available to external customers. Siegfried Schallen Muller, head of the business branch of professional services and solution management at Siemens Enterprise Communications, explains: “our choice on the VOICE password-reset technology was after a thorough evaluation.TRUST. Reasons for our choice were the high level of user friendliness and the possibility of using the VOICE.TRUST technology save costs and to be able to offer our customers these cost savings”, so Bowls Muller. He continues: Siemens Enterprise communications become the solution provider in the field of language communication of more and more. Therefore complements and extends this voice biometric solution our solution portfolio perfectly.” About VOICE.TRUST AG: The 2000-based VOICE.TRUST AG, headquartered in Munich is world market leader in the area of authentication solutions using speaker verification and sets the industry standard with common criteria certified solutions. The company’s portfolio includes self-service solutions for automated password reset, caller – and multi-factor authentication for different operations. The VOICE.TRUST technology allows to implement quickly and easily secure biometric Sprecherverfikations and automation solutions in existing security networks, help-desk structures, mobile payment, – Commerce, banking and other self-service solutions.

To the customers, the operational costs in the user authentication section to up to 80 % Could reduce, renowned insurance and financial services include banking etc., global service providers such as Deutsche Post and mobile service provider such as E.g. O2 such as Allianz, HypoVereinsbank, Volkswagen. Total has VOICE.Award to best international Fortune 500 companies TRUST over 1.