Real Estate

More than a hundred years, investors have called the real estate abroad – "bond with indexation and without defaults," referring to the stability of rental income, the rising cost and the fact that the physical existence of the object – in any case he was "on hands ", not that that debt. As in any asset class, real estate is always not only a "dead dog", but "rising stars" and "cash cows". The problem is that they are not so easy to recognize, moreover, "Cow" can turn into a "dog." Until recently, the best short-term investments were in Miami apartments and land in the suburbs, but today, those who could not sell them, can not sell them for half price. No wonder, even great Investors in real estate, such as Kerkorian and Trump, several times in his life ruined. Among the admirers of long-term investments such as "inflation plus", formed mainly from the aging first-generation Russian private businesses, popular idea that real estate always there are niches where demand will grow or persist for so long that "at their age is enough." Call centers are looking cities – and Ostozhenka Marsh Island in Moscow, Chelsea and Mayfair in London, the Upper Manhattan in New York, comfortable living area with large cities (or Rublevskoe Newton near Boston), promising territory (Sochi and Putian in China), and finally – Recreation areas on the coast with a warm climate and in the foothills of the clean air – Caesarea, Netanya, Haifa, Eilat, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. . Official site: Bill de Blasio.