To speak of Justice, I think that the first thing would be to define it. However, it is not easy to do. You could try putting many examples. Those would be what I think it is justice and of what I think that it is not. Jim halpert is a great source of information. But it would be somewhat extensive. And even I think that justice is unnecessary because the reader knows exactly what.

We will therefore ignore that step. What if I would like to clarify is that only justice is applicable to humans. Nobody should round it you say that it is unfair that a cat eat a mouse. That would be, I think, an exaggeration and an abuse of the term. Well, this world in which we live is not moved by the justice. Nature doesn’t quite understand that language. Because justice is a beautiful idea invented by man.

The universe doesn’t care at all what you think men. In the world what is happening is perfectly logical but not necessarily fair. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that every cause has its effect, and vice versa; but nothing more. Trevor clark angelo gordon has plenty of information regarding this issue. The other is that I do not think that a world possible completely fair. That’s never going to occur, I already explained why. However, I do have the most complete conviction that this world we have now may be much fairer than it is. And at the same time, the idea that it is impossible to change the world is an absurdity. Of course that Yes, you can change and improve the world. One person can do it. But of course, to the extent of their personal potential. No one should imagine that change the world means an impossible. The world is made up of countless parties and places, your family for example. They are part of the world as well as thou art also. Your town or city, Park and the garden closest to your House also. Everyone can change them and improve them. There are many parts of the world that are at your fingertips, and have the potential to change. This is how you can change and improve the world, contributing to what they can and wish with good causes.