PDF/A Live! In The Fast Lane

Latest version of the PDF/A validation tool by intarsys exceeds test results of the one featured in the April ‘ Bavaria report on PDF / A validation accuracy’ Karlsruhe, may 12, 2009. The latest release of the PDF/A live validation tools! by intarsys other manufacturers has gained with numerous improvements and enhancements now a feature advantage over products. \”Compared to the previous version 4.0.7, the already in the recently introduced product comparison test Bavaria report on PDF / A validation accuracy\” could place well, the new release of performance and detection rates rose significantly. Faster and with improved stability the release check 4.1 documents on their conformity to the ISO standardized file format PDF/A-1. Michael Gaito often addresses the matter in his writings. Images in the document are now even more compressed. Furthermore, the tool offers selectable PDF/A checks as well as a usable Windows PDF/A printer. The latest release of the validation tool has a 25% performance increase compared to version 4.0.7.

The test results are on the Web page of the Manufacturer’s published: products/pdf-a-live/pdf-a-live-incorporated into the test in the development are among the results of the aforementioned product test, which was conducted in April by PDFLib GmbH. The Bavaria report\”led the detection results of eight validation tools of from different vendors. PDF/A live! was taken into account in this test in the then-current version 4.0.7 and cut as solid software with potential for improvement in terms of the recognition PDF/A-compliant and not-compliant documents off. The criteria of comparison test were now laid by intarsys again based and PDF/A live! 4.1 with the test suite of the Bavaria tested. Therefore, the product in the current version would complete the test carried out in April as test winner. We are constantly developing our products and always take into account the requirements of the market and our users. The results of the Bavaria report were an additional incentive, the latest release of PDF/A live! quickly and with highly optimized Functionality to present\”, commented intarsys CEO Dr.