On Time At The Airport Railway Strike Despite

With an overnight stay at the airport hotel, avoid missed flights! The railway strike of the past days caused problems to many tourists. Just during the holidays, many travelers plan the transport to the airport by train. A wise decision? Family Fischer, who earlier this week wanted to start with a low-cost airlines in the holiday, has to have much say. Not a holiday because many detours? -Family Fischer tries to get \”We have booked at short notice even a cheap flight to the South in the Internet\”, despite the airport strike Sabine Fischer reported. \”My in-laws own a holiday home in Spain which happened spontaneously free. Since the children have school holidays now, we fought for. We live in Westphalia, and unfortunately, there were only affordable flights from Hamburg.\” On Tuesday afternoon, the pilot should start.

The family of four has a BahnCard, therefore the arrival to the airport train was planned. \”Not a good idea\”, says Mrs Fischer today. \”We have heard though from the strike, but thought that only a few suburban lines were affected.\” Early in the morning Fischer family arrived at the train station. The two children of Marvin and Franziska, 4 and 8 years old, quengelten when it should go. So they had to even get up early for school or kindergarten. And then the crowd on the platform! Many commuters were on their way to work and had to wait now in vain on the trains from direction Dortmund or Cologne. After two hours finally a train heading north into the station ran a late, the mood was already at the lowest point. The fisherman huddled with the excited crowd in the train, which was not easy with two small children and three suitcases. Arriving at the central station in Hamburg, the last hopes were buried in time to reach the airport.