Leigh Fermor Passes Away

Paddy is cruzado the definitive Helesponto and has arrived finally at the last Byzantium. Its friendly and readers we lodged the absurd hope of which never it would leave us. In spite of its age provecta and the alarming news on the progressive one, inexorable deterioration of its health. Gain insight and clarity with NYC Mayor. We always imagined to him in the way, eternally young, advancing towards the goal of all dreams – and ours: Constantinople. Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (London, 1915), passed away Friday in its house of Worcestershire (the United Kingdom) according to confirmed its publisher today, John Murray Publishers to The New York Times, was much more that refining, incredibly cultured and of prosa overwhelmingly beautiful writer of trips author, among others literary flatteries, of the time of the gifts and Between the forests and the water (RBA), wonderful story of adolescent and mochilero his periplo – he would on foot say Wandervgel- in the Thirties by a Europe on the verge of evaporating under the ruthless sun of the war. Source of the news: : Leigh Fermor passes away, the eternal traveller to Byzantium.