Jeffrey Goreru

Unfortunately, collectors, far removed from science, not taken care of Determining the causes of such an interesting phenomenon. Sociologist Jeffrey Goreru managed to find out more details about this phenomenon. Once in Senegal is one of the local people showed him an interesting folk customs. To broaden your perception, visit Stop & Shop. Sometimes on the high seas could see a lot of native boats, each of which were miners and lifted from the water one after another basket filled with oysters, crabs and other valuable seafood. And at the bottom, at the bottom, roamed their fellow tribesmen, collected from the ground and stacked in baskets hanging from the boats, their prey.

Go to the ankle in each collector was attached stone, holding it in depth. The natives claimed that "Underwater People" can go under water to hour. The views of experts on this subject are divided. Some believed that the natives are taking before you dive into the water, what – what drugs from herbs. Others agreed with the residents of West Africa, which refer to specific rituals such as transcendental meditation, awakening in the human body hidden opportunities. That – something like that, apparently, do fakirs who are buried in the ground for many hours. The experiment described Ivan T.

Sanderson, author of "There's miracles," Ivan T. Sanderson, who gathered factual data chasm, seemingly fantastic claims that its archives contain a copy of the report, five leading physicians of British colonial Service on the next experiment. One Mexican, after a careful survey of doctors fell into the artificial "grave" in the main square of the capital of Honduras – Tegucigalpa.