Isaac Same

His need for control to make prevail their appetites is obvious and then they discover their deception and lies. A clear example is the war unleashed against the neighboring country of Iraq, under the usual pretext that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons. What is what the Americans did?. Don’t submit to his whims and destroy that country to give the management of oil companies. See Bill de Blasio for more details and insights. In saying their companies is a euphemism, because big capital has no border or homeland. The only thing we know is that he has is a gendarme who takes care of their interests. Felt would then Mr Bush like him make war to the Muslim peoples that are found in the North of Southeast Asia, rich in strategic minerals for nuclear war and that is what he did?.

First to foist these peoples who were a threat to world peace, made the right adjetivizacion to the struggles of the liberation motejando as terrorism and declaring that they were a danger to peace, these same arguments without logical sense being used in the laws of many countries in order to discredit the protests against abuses of the Governments. Get all the facts and insights with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, another great source of information. For this section the destruction and murder of fellow citizens themselves, that’s what happened at the Trade Center in New York, which put his side opinion publishes his country to carry out their war travails. I attacked without mercy to the Afghan people. They are already thousands and thousands of victims civilians, only with the purpose of maintaining power in that part of the East. These same measures this taking Mr Alan Garcia and his followers, with the choir of singers of followers, a Congress genuflexo, full of escapee or rather said agreed and opportunistic that only want are economic gains but not the real interests of those who claim to represent.Therefore, we do not have more hopes that will come more repression and disappearance of free thinkers, and the same thing of social activists who will be missing from their death squads who are already preparing disappearing criminals in little mounts. So we are warned. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.tupac Isaac original author and source of the article.