How To Optimally Use Time

All of you got into that situation. There is a clear period of time – (for example, five days) and a specific list of tasks (for example, choose a wallpaper for the room to find the network movie, go to the pool, learn 50 foreign words, call distant relatives, to write an article) that must be completed during this period. It would seem all clear, but over time, especially towards the end of this period we notice the dissatisfaction that has been done, not all of this list, but time is somewhere delos. What happened? Where does the time? Such situations are not uncommon in my personal life, work, rest, in every area of our business. Much of this dissatisfaction is based on the fact that we squeezing into the small amount of time a significant number of cases, ‘give an unrealistic plan’, as the famous movie character. If you look at this situation more soberly, it is possible to avoid disappointment at the unjustified loss of personal and others’ time. For example, you have 6 hours to develop a specific project.

Lay out the steps on the job ‘shelves’ according to priority. Now imagine your typical working day, and determine how much time you are using on. .. start If, for example, that one-third of the time, the actual time that you can work on a task will be equal to four hours. Also note that the time required for . Switch. with phase.

buildup. to work well in an average of eight minutes. How many times have you suspended for a smoke break at work? For example, suppose you break ten times throughout the day, ie Eighty minutes. Subtract those 80 minutes of four hours, you get a little over two hours is really working time. Compare this time with the initial six hours working vremeni.Teper clear that you do not have time to perform the required amount of work in supplied time. Acceptance of this fact will help you avoid disappointment and resentment of the fact that you can not manage to do the work in the allotted time frame for myself. To increase efficiency, we need to reduce unproductive expenditure of time. What about breaks? Can I install a voice mail instead of continuous responses to the calls? If you need to call in a few places, call the turn in a short period of time, do not tighten it all day. What about email? Group the homogeneous problems, if they do not require immediate action. Now think again about two hours available.