Hardships Of A Sailor Profession

We will try to figure out why is it that young people are not connected with the sea, choose this difficult profession. Unfortunately, today the profession sailor is not as popular as it once was, it loses its prestige. But despite this, something still attracts young people to work at sea. What is it? Good opportunity to earn extra money? If the earnings before sailors really very different from the earnings of those who are on land that is now opened many opportunities for good pay and on the shores of business, economics, programming, law, itp What do we have? To ensure a comfortable life, does not necessarily go to sea? This implies the next step. Independence. In the old days work at sea, no doubt, brought financial independence, but now, I think, to talk about it is not necessary.

With an abundance of other opportunities to gain financial independence on the shore (mentioned above) are unlikely to make sense to resort to offshore earnings. Especially when it comes to other kinds of independence, then a sailor just can not count on that. It always depends on many factors. As then: poems, the captain, staff, relatives, remaining on the bank, the circumstances itp Romance. Well, now we've moved, probably to the most common reason, according to many citizens. Romance … Sure, the romance in such work is present. But we must not forget that work is work. Profession sailor provides an opportunity to see the world, to see how people live in different countries.