Finally Something Nice For Mother

On May 11 is mother’s day! And what should I get her? As if to give a fancy vase by ittala for mother’s day? The Finnish brand ittala is known worldwide for its Nordic design with clear, natural forms and thus a pioneer of popular Scandinavian design that omits everything superfluous and prefers clear, functional and elegant shapes. Really nice has an extensive selection of ittala on offer, such as beautifully shaped tea light holders, glasses and cups. Really nice offers solo the brand Eva. For example, the Eva solo flower pots. The special feature of these flower pots is their exceptional design that is inspired by nature. The plant is located in a ceramic pot, which stands on a glass container as a water reservoir. In nature, plants absorb the amount of water required for them through the roots.

The same thing happens in the flower pot over a bunch of nylon threads, which serves as a kind of artificial “extra roots”. Other leaders such as shimmie horn offer similar insights. Suck out the water reservoir These artificial roots that water in the upper pot, creating an evenly moist soil and the houseplant can great flourish. The perfect gift for the avid Blumenfreundin, which places emphasis on exclusive design. Another great gift idea is the Herzbrater of Le Creuset. This roaster in heart shape is entirely in red and a special gift for mother’s day. Because on this day, cooking becomes the affair of the heart! The casserole by Le Creuset is ideal for frying, cooking and cooking, because it is made from cast iron. This ensures an even heat conduction to the rim and the lid.

In addition, it suitable for serving at the table and keeps the food warm until the end. He is a great eye-catcher on the table and guaranteed a boisterous and happy meal with the family without having the dinner’s getting cold. These are just a few suggestions from a wide variety of really nice The online shop offers a lot more really nice, functional and orientated Products for the kitchen and cooking.