What credit partner program is really good and brings the best sales credit affiliate programs are very popular. Entice you with great commissions for advertisers. But how much can really earn? Three well-known partner programs for credit offers have been independently tested. The test lasted half a year to deliver truly meaningful results. Kingston Planners pursues this goal as well. The programs have been tested alternately in the same environment, to cause any distortion on the relevance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from McDonalds. As well, only lead compensation in the test were considered to not affect the comparison by varying amounts. So, it should be have managed to have carried out a fair test of the best credit affiliate programs. Bon credit, Creditolo, and Credimaxx were tested in the first step.

The results were very surprising. Bon credit with the best-known partner program for Kreditaffiliates has cut off the worst by far. Despite the highest lead compensation, sales of the two could not nearly others be achieved. So with a dispatched online credit request only 3.19 EUR implemented in the cut, it was while 5,30 EUR at Credimaxx. It was similar to the Conversionsrate. While at Credimaxx almost every seventh click led to a lead it needed to generate no less than an average 55.8 clicks to a lead at Bon credit. This has to do with that Bon credit as sole operator of the program requires a credit application returnierten mail to remunerate a lead of course last but not least.

Creditolo was however far ahead of Bon credit something behind Credimaxx in the conversion. Just the other way round it was there at the earnings per request, Creditolo cut off only slightly better than Bon credit. The differences are very clear to see, however differently than expected. The credit partner program test to help webmasters to choose the right program or give time to test a new program but also a kick. For Kreditaffiliates, such test are very helpful to save yourself the trouble itself. Plans to extend the test tests with different Key phrases to get specific data for each segment of the industry. However, a such an expensive test will take even more time. It probably still more credit affiliate programs will be included.