Error No

Error No. 4 to take seriously the response of women love it, if the man is always a small little “cooler” than it is. Men don’t take women seriously 100% and they playfully a little tease, look automatically very attractive. This is very important especially in the night life. If you take too seriously a woman in the night life and take a little on the arm, you end up in the majority of cases in the “friend zone”.

Aim is not to offend women or hurting. Take it goes this is a playful pokes fun at”. “, As if you were his little sister a small little char”. Error No. 5 that misjudge situation 2 depending on whether you speak to a woman in everyday life or in the night life, there is a big difference in the degree of attraction, you have to build. While you need to build little attraction in everyday life, this is an important aspect in the nightlife. You can do this best as described in point 4.

No. 6 wrong focus error if you attract a woman, then you want to know the woman and not just to get your cell phone number. Move your hands to target from the cell phone number to a specific meeting. Times Square understood the implications. Once you have identified a specific meeting, replace the numbers. Error No. 7 too many compliments women love compliments, but only if they are also attached. You to answer following questions: who are you? What are you up? Whats important in life? What is your goal with women? “What kind of woman do you want in your life? Describe your properties (not their physical appearance!). How can you quickly determine whether a woman has these properties? Distribute only a compliment if you have answered these questions for yourself and a woman qualifies for the properties you want, you.