Dog Owners Beware: Jewelry Made Of Wool Of Your Dog

In the animal art studio in Wuppertal, jewellery produced dog wool and dog hair of the dog owner can send the wool or/and the hair of his own dog, to make make a real unique: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, hair accessories or even bags are possible, depending on the nature of the dogs wool. There are dog owners who have retained the brushed out wool of her deceased dog like a treasure and didn’t know what they could do, I offer them the opportunity by producing an exceptional piece of jewellery, again close to have their favorite. I appreciate the joy that I do so that the dog owners!”so Dipl. Designer Beate Kuczera, which itself has a Eurasian and has come through him and his lush wool to the exceptional business idea. It will take approximately 10 days until the dog owners keep their personal communication in the hands, of course will be clarified beforehand by phone or email, what can be made of wool because each dog wool has a different texture.

But also a cat owner can send the wool of her long hair cat, such as Persians, Norwegian etc. in the Studio and make a piece of jewelry. And here, each piece of jewelry is real unique, which is manufactured in a careful hand work. Contact: Animal Art Studio Dipl. des. Beate Karnik Thomastr. 37 42289 Wuppertal Tel 0202-69 87 934 mobile: 0172-54 804 17