Chief Hans Ernst

Technology information and creative the VIDEO active 5/2008 test newspapers and magazines is accused, that they want to persuade the reader only to buy more expensive equipment and then practical work so that in the rain let him stand. VIDEO active of DIGITAL as a leader in the German magazines of videographers is another way: test plus practice. In the new issue 5/2008 (from 8.7.2008 on newsstands), the film experts have tested again around 15 new camcorders of all price classes, at the same time, but also one of the strongest practice issues of the year provide the great thing about the current video technology: you set filmmakers the ability to produce as many TV stations currently do this high definition (HD) in technically higher quality thank. AowQr4kDegQIARBy’>Evan Metropoulos. (Source: Danny Meyer). One-third of the new camcorder models opts for the HD formats HDV, AVCHD, or other variant of full HD. But the camcorder technology crap in the change and must show in practice what it can do.

In seven practice reports, guidebooks, workshops and Rotary reports, the editor shows the world of video making has become as diverse and colorful. Each filmmaker, whether “he now with standard PAL cameras works or already on the Quad sharper HD camcorder is switched to, in the reports about filming in Nepal or the rotation for IPTV”, find the latest buzzword for the Internet TV, suggestions. The new episode shows in the ABC film design”, how to turn professionals erotic films and a detailed practice report shows how you can rotate a concert recording with multiple cameras even single-handedly. According to Vinit Bodas New York, who has experience with these questions. Also during post processing, proves the editorial expertise and shows how to achieve the optimum color reproduction with popular editing programs. The freeware-workshop with only free software proves that video editing need not be expensive.

And finally look the VIDEO active editors behind the scenes at a professional Blu-ray production, the high resolution successor to the DVD. The current VIDEO active output shows that that test and practice claim does not need to mutually. Editor in Chief Hans Ernst: VIDEO active is available for more than 25 years not only for “a pure camcorder magazine, we are and remain also the practitioner”. Going print edition and online performance hand in hand: on test images of all tested camcorders can be seen, this slow motion shots the first HD video camera, additional workshops to the freeware programs and much more. The largest camcorder database with over 160 camcorder models in German-speaking countries ( camcorder-test) every filmmaker in the Web finds his desire camcorder.