Car Stickers Vinyl Film

Covering car vinilovovymi films or just taping is a technology in full is changing the speed and quality to give the car an individual, vibrant style. Many service stations offer this brand new service that will change the look of the car, gives it a corporate identity and at the same time protect from corrosion, chipping and scratching. Film for cars can be of different colors – glossy, color Matt and simulating carbon (2D, 3D). Car owner can order, for example, carbon paste over the roof and hood, without replacement of parts. Professional staff can be transferred to film any image or paste over the entire body matt black foil. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NY Restaurateur. Car stickers vinyl film may well be an alternative art aerografii.Esli compare the two technologies, one can see the benefits: – Airbrushing is more expensive than wrapping vinyl film. The higher the professionalism of the artist, the higher the price.

– If you want to change the image, no need to repaint part. You need only remove the old tape and put a new one, or leave the car without the film, but with perfectly preserved color. – When a traffic accident victim can recover detail, and airbrushing on it, to the original image, restore will be expensive and difficult. Vinyl film can be as easy to stick again. Vinyl protects against external influences paint machine.

If the owner does not want to change the color of the car, we offer cover the body transparent vinyl film that does not change color, but will a shield against scratches and chips. Vinyl has a decent thickness (especially 'Carbon'), which can be compared with antigraviynoy protective film. If you decide to sell the car, the film is easily removed and paint on the car is in perfect condition. It is also proposed to apply a film of an innovative material that is both visually and by tactile sensations mimics the structure of carbon – a carbon fiber vinyl. It can be used for interior and exterior elements of the car, it's easy to stretch and wears hard, has a thickness of 225 microns and can obtyanut any intricate details. We work with vinyl film carbon fiber of the American company 3M – is a world leader chemical industry. Carbon film has a higher price, it exceeds the cost of an ordinary vinyl mat several times, but it is the only drawback.