AIDS Human

The terrorism that runs around the globe, the struggle for money and power at any cost, trafficking and sale of human organs taken a knife dead bodies of innocent children abducted or sold by their own parents. a And so we call culture, globalization, democracy, human rights … Restaurateurs opinions are not widely known. are all fears and lies. And all this we call culture, globalization, democracy, human rights … are all fears and lies, lies and fears are all marching together in a perfect gear that no one knows where it will lead.

They are good and bad together, brothers, who join hands to walk through these worlds of God, and that spread of black crepe, by way of holes, universal geography. Maybe we're blinded by pride, perhaps we have forgotten tears virgin, maybe we facing a world without any control or regulation under the sign of corrupt politicians. And is that the disease nobody wants and nobody wants to die. Most everyone knows that the latter have ever arrived. We have not even dismissing the case that a the fear of muertea we can produce an intense and unbearable pain so that the latter can lead us to.

Today's society has to learn involve physical and psychological pain, which are innate to our human nature and mortal. We fully understand that depression, anxiety, fear … we have to accompany the course of our short or long existence, whether we weigh. Assuming that a the violenciaa begets violence, and this has been increasing in all areas of our everyday life, we are are appended "say yoa " fears or fears of processes, for new rules adaptation to social changes in our current society of coexistence, are required to assume as natural in the cultures of the peoples or social groups, I repeat: we must assume that there must be fear and temoresa "fear of dying, fear of losing his head, fear suffering, fear of pain, fear of disease (cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc.).