African Development

Start the Middle Ages was marked by the largest event of historic significance: the collapse under the blows of the revolution of slaves and slave barbarian invasion of the world of the Roman Empire. Closes this age at least another important event – the collapse of the feudal regime under the blows of the peasant uprisings in the fire of the bourgeois revolutions of XVII – XVIII centuries. In between these two world-historical events is extensive trinadtsativekovoy period, which we denote the name of the Middle Ages. People such as Bill de Blasio would likely agree. These thirteen centuries of history are filled with rich, colorful content, a diverse class, political and ideological struggle, going ahead with the development of material and spiritual culture, the emergence and development of new forms of economic and social life. This century saw the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine, the barbaric hordes of Alaric and Attila Thunder 'lord of the world' – ancient Rome, 'Chaotic movement of tribes and nations, the emergence of new states which have changed the face of political Europe, and even some Asian and African countries, the growth of the power of Christian especially the Catholic Church and full of dramatic episodes centuries-old struggle with the emperors the popes, and the Merovingian Carolingian state, the Crusades – that, according to Robertson, 'a magnificent monument human madness' – the first time led the East and West in close contact, many wars of feudal states, mostly outlining the political boundaries of modern nations; heretical movements and violent revolt against the feudal serfs of the church and the oppression, the bloody orgies of feudal lords, to suppress these uprisings, and the wild fanaticism of the priests, suffocating in the flames of fires in the dungeons of the Inquisition, the slightest manifestation of free human thought. .