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The lack of systematic studies in this region leaves us in an almost total unfamiliarity of as if it processed the evolution of the occupation human being in this geographic space. The interpretation of the data aquando of the hollowing allowed us to survey to be before a possible structure whose enrocamento was made to the pebble base (existing substance in the region), raised in wood, being its covering obtained with tegulae imbrices (roofing tiles), of which knocks down we excavated it. Taking care of to the type of existing material (rare domestic ceramics; great amount of pertaining fragmentos the containers of storage, along with constructive ceramics), and to the dimension of the archaeological small farm (marking out with buoys itself about the 100-120 mts), we are in believing to be able to be about one tugurium or capanna (ALARCO, 1998). Of fact, its reduced dimension, and the tipologia of the exhumed material, send to us for a small annex, a small warehouse where if they would keep some provisions gotten in the agricultural fields, or qui a woodcutter hut/shepherd. In this type of constructions the findings scrumble it tegulae, imbrices and common ceramics. It is the case of ‘ ‘ Atalaia’ ‘.

However, topnimo ‘ ‘ Atalaia’ ‘ it took us, also, to ponder the existence of a small lookout post. Existing the structure with enrocamento in pebble, would raise the building in wood, covering it with roofing tiles. But they would need to take some containers with provisions for the days that were there (1/2 men). However, he seems us more reasonable the hypothesis of the one or one existence tugurium capanna in that agricultural space. But the study of the materials it will be able to allow in them to get given for a trustworther interpretation for that small farm, as well as on its functionality. .