Vladimir Kudryavtsev

The experience of investors in real estate is different, some of them have already built large complexes, while others – only coming to the market, for each real estate market in general and specific effects on investment the initial stages of a terra incognita. Usually at the beginning of the project the investor has zero information about its prospects, the appeal to realtors can effectively solve their problems. Analysis of prospects for each specific site requires significant time and cost. Often, before the transaction the investor has to analyze data on a large number of objects, total number of which can reach hundreds, such as land for construction, investment contracts, a building under renovation, etc. This work is normal for the developer, but in most cases, the decision on the acquisition of a site should be done in the short term, and in this case, even an experienced consultant can not always give a balanced board. Realizing the existence of this problem, the company Paul’s Yard is launching a new consulting product. Division of Foresight began full-depth studies of the city of Moscow. Based on the specifics of the company Paul’s Yard, which specializes in luxury real estate, will explore the following areas: Zamoskvorechye, China – a city Plyushchikha, area adjacent to the project Moscow – City.

The initiator and project manager acts as a leading investor Map Analyst Paul’s Yard, Vladimir Kudryavtsev. In his opinion, the company’s resources enough to be released in the coming months, the first card. As a result of these investigations and potential future investors in the public domain will have a consultation next product: 1. Map of the area, detailing the the current price situation on each property. 2. The analysis of the prospects of development of the area for 5-15 years. 3.

Map of the area, detailing the long-term price of each property, taking into account the implementation of new investment projects. 4. Poobektnye recommendations based on an analysis of highest and best use of its consideration of possible alternatives. 5. Analysis of the complex development of territories dedicated to exploration blocks. 6. Rating of investment attractiveness of each investment object. 7. Forecast revenue for each component of the property considering the alternatives and impacts adverse factors (market, town planning, legal). In the area of research will include all properties – residential, nonresidential, commercial, and vacant land plots, implementation of investment programs to which applicable in the near future, ie, no new objects. This study focused on the following groups of real estate market participants: 1. Developers and investors institsuionalnye real estate market. 2. Moscow city administration. 3. Evaluation and auditing companies. 4. Banking institutions and other financial institutions that provide loans secured by future construction. 5. Realtors. 6. REIT managers and their company. 7. Investment managers who are planning a profitable placement of free funds in their organizations. In addition, these studies will be useful to a wide range of potential purchasers of the objects Property interested in objective analysis of market situation and forecasts of its development, not to the relative performance of the market, but to a particular property. As a result of the consumer advisory services has at its disposal the information upon which it may decide to participate in a particular investment project.